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People are your most valuable asset!

Having worked in the corporate space for 25 years, I have a well rounded perspective on the benefits of wellbeing, and how investing wisely in employees does yield a more sustainable and profitable business.
Our ambition at Waves Wellbeing is to facilitate your organisations' journey to embrace a besboke wellbeing programme and embed a culture balanced by optimum performance and happy employees. We would be delighted to partner with your leadership to achieve this objective.
Isabelle is a fantastic dietitian, who is passionate about helping people reach their health goals through their diet. She has 16 years’ experience in clinical and community dietetics, working with people to help them achieve their health and weight goals with nutrition as the main focus. Isabelle is empathetic and supportive, taking peoples' individual circumstances into consideration. There is no quick fix to poor health, and Isabelle’s aim is to help people make long term, sustainable, and flexible changes.


Emily has been practicing yoga for 15 years and teaching for 5. She offers a blend of Pranayama (breathing) and Asana (posture) practice, finishing off with a combination of meditation and relaxation. There is a balance of the mindful, flowing approach, combined with the more technical, detailed correction to make sure the practice is safe and strong without losing its soulfulness. Emily trained for 3 years to gain her diploma with BWY and FRYOG, holds a Satyananda yoga nidra teaching qualification, and a pregnancy and post-natal yoga with Birthlight.


Yoga Instructor
Katie is an experienced trainer and coach, who is committed to all areas of personal development and wellbeing. Qualified as a Myers Briggs Practitioner and Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Katie loves working with people to identify ways they can build on their strengths, enhance their communication style, and increase resilience. Katie is passionate about mental health, helping businesses understand their responsibility, and equip them with the tools and knowledge to support their teams in this field. Her approach is inclusive, informative and fun.


Mental Health First Aid Trainer
Jemma started her career as a gliding instructor and since then has always wanted to be active, strong and healthy. Over the years she tried many classes hoping to be inspired, but without effective, informed instruction, was left unmotivated to really work at it. Jemma believes the need for knowledge is needed to become motivated and uses this approach to motivate and teach people how to properly work their body and understand how it’s all connected. We get great results: informed, motivated, fit, happy people.


Fitness Instructor
Dorothy graduated as a physiotherapist in Poland in 2008 where she worked in a physio centre until 2014. Since then, she has further enriched her skill-set in the UK and continues to gain a wealth of experience from a spectrum of clients with different conditions. Dorothy is a professional, likeable, and effective therapist whose knowledge will help to de-stress employees from the daily tensions.


Massage Therapist
Nicky is a skilled and effective Confidence & Resilience coach who is dedicated to helping individuals reach their full potential. With over 19 years of management experience in blue chip FMCG organisations alongside a wide variety of coaching performance qualifications, Nicky is well equipped to help individuals to build resourceful mindsets and increase their ability to proactively manage their stress in the workplace. Nicky’s warm and effective style coupled with her qualifications in NLP, Personal Performance, Emotional Wellbeing, and Kinetic Shift and Rapid Hypnosis achieves great results.

nicky massyn

Confidence & Resilience
With 25 years in the industry, Adele has trained and taught all styles of fitness and offers Pilates, Barre & Yoga, as well as pregnancy, post-natal, deep tissue and Level 4 sport massage. Adele is a women’s health expert helping women with pelvic floor dysfunction and tummy gaps. Adele has an inclusive approach to fitness and has trained with some of the top UK Pilates providers, completed several Barre courses and is a 200 hour qualified Yoga teacher. She strives to make people feel good about moving in their bodies and their achievements.


Pilates/Yoga/Massage Therapist
Eva is a ‘veteran’ massage therapist and has been providing on-site massage treatments in offices since 2006. She is a qualified sports massage therapist and reflexologist as well as a Thai massage teacher and practitioner. Her style is both analytical and intuitive and makes sure to keep her focus and attention on each treatment. Her interest includes meditation practices and is currently completing a meditation teacher training course to deepen her knowledge on Eastern traditions.


Massage/Reflexologist Therapist

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