Ask yourself why not change things

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I took this photo when I was on a half-term holiday in St Ives, and my boys and their friends were fishing off the old pier, elated by the adrenaline of catching 17 mackerels in frantic sequence (no fish tale). It was during my turn at casting the rod that I was approached by a complete stranger who following the usual fishing questions, proceeded to tell me a story…stay with me on this.

Two men were on a fishing holiday up in the Nordics and had ventured out to sea by some distance to try and catch some fish. Once they anchored, one of them proceeded to take out his fishing rod and ferociously casted his line a good distance away from the boat. The other man somewhat baffled asked if being 17 miles out to sea just wasn’t far enough from shore. After a chuckle, the man realised his error and admitted that it was simply because he had always been used to doing it that way.

Perhaps it was the salt in the air or the fact that I later learned of the second man in the story to be his late brother, but despite being strangers, we both instantly laughed at his story as if we were two old school mates. You’re still here so stay with me a bit longer…

I share this with you in the hope that it highlights a simple truth that we all bear with – a resistance to change. Whether you are a fitness fanatic or the symptoms of a busy working life are taking their toll on your mind and body, you will most often tend to ignore those niggling aches and pains in the hope that they will just go away. So change things around today and try these 3 suggestions:

1. Smile more to those around you.

2. Say hello and perhaps even stop and talk to the stranger right next to you.

3. Try something different and treat yourself to some self-care.

Stay well and enjoy your pursuits.



Stefano is hands-on when it comes to delivering on corporate wellbeing, since he is a qualified sports massage therapist (Level 4 from St Mary’s University, School of Sport, Health and Applied Science). Stefano is a genuine advocate on the benefits of massage, backed by a clientele of health professionals such as Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Sports Medicine, Nurses and Doctors, as well as dedicated sport enthusiasts and professionals alike. Whilst delivering chair massages, he continues to pursue knowledge-based modalities to provide tailored treatments in either the office or other locations.
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