Five Things To Do Today

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1. Use the ‘Two Minute Rule’

If something takes 2 minutes or less, do it straight away, don’t let it get added to your ‘to do list’. It helps you to keep on top of things.

2. Play

Whether this is making time to play a game with your kids, answering a quick quiz with friends or work colleagues, taking part in your favourite sport, being silly, or filling in a Sudoku; playing unleashes our inner child and is good for the soul.

3. Give something to someone

Interpret this as you will, but giving lightens our material load, and makes the recipient feel great. It could be anything; a coffee, something you don’t use anymore, a compliment. You decide.

4. Be outside as much as YOU possibly can

Spending time under the sky is soul food. Walk more, drive less. Look up at the stars. Watch the clouds float by. Have your morning cup of tea in the garden…

5. Sharpen your axe

Take inspiration from the ‘World’s Greatest Lumberjack’ in Stephen Covey’s story, from his book ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People’. Take time each day to ‘sharpen your axe’, in whatever way works for you. (look up the story if you haven’t already – it’s a goodie).



Katie is an experienced trainer and coach, who is committed to all areas of personal development and wellbeing. Qualified as a Myers Briggs Practitioner and Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Katie loves working with people to identify ways they can build on their strengths, enhance their communication style, and increase resilience. Katie is passionate about mental health, helping businesses understand their responsibility, and equip them with the tools and knowledge to support their teams in this field. Her approach is inclusive, informative and fun.