Our Purpose

To change the norm by promoting workplace wellbeing as a strategic priority and help organisations flourish.
We simply want every employee to feel better.

your investment

People are your most valuable asset! Workplace stress is directly responsible for:
sickness absence
visits to the doctors
serious illnesses
On average investing in a wellbeing programme provides the desirable outcome of happier staff, better morale, improved productivity and a ROI of up to 1:5.

Wellbeing Services

We provide a blend of wellbeing services that engage, educate and empower your business. Through a joint commitment, we inspire loyalty and trust across your organisation.
Let us help you regain the balance with a wellbeing programme to suit your business.

mental health

Acknowledge the elephant in the room


Historically proven & effective stress relief


Change is inevitable. So must be your resilience.


Fortifying the core of your health


Defending the realm of your mind


5000 years in the making


Winning the race against the clock
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our proposal

We will work with you to understand the needs of your organisation and provide a bespoke package appropriate for your employees and your business based on a selection of services. In addition, we will help you with employee engagement surveys to monitor the pulse of employee satisfaction.

Our Approach

With a partnering mindset, we aim to facilitate your efforts to promote the most mutually beneficial work-life balance for your organisation. Our professional instructors and therapists are passionate about what they do, are highly qualified and fully insured.


Limited disruption to working hours; Instructor-led classes before or after working hours; Lunch time seminars; Flexible intensity for different fitness levels; Variety of routines to challenge and engage; Multiple days or multiple therapists.

wellbeing benefits

trainer Knowledge

Mental Health

The stress container

How big is your stress container, and how can thinking about this help you be there for others, and be kinder to yourself? Mental Health

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